About Us by Ayam Healthcare is devoted to the use of the power of Ayurveda to make a healthier world by following the Ayurvedic principles while constantly striving to improve everyone's quality of life on this planet.

We blend secret formulas and recipes of the powerful science of Ayurveda and combine them with natural procedures to bring to you the best and most effective natural medicines without any side effects. We carefully select the finest and safest ingredients to guarantee the highest quality in every product we make.

We believe that actual happiness lies in having a happy and healthy family. As a result, we treat each customer like a member of our family and extend a warm welcome to them. We are committed to offering the best and most secure ayurvedic products to our customers. Our only purpose is to build and deliver top-quality health supplements at economical prices.

Our founders:

Dr. Ajayita is a co-founder of Jamun, an Ayurvedic professionalist.

Dr. Ajayita

Dr. Ajayita is renowned globally as she is a gold medalist in Ayurveda and established her clinic in 1998. She's highly skilled in alleviating suffering and has treated countless patients. Through exclusive appearances and workshops at prestigious healthcare events worldwide, she has gained worldwide recognition. Notable figures like Jackie Shroff, Gurpreet Ghuggi, and Tara Sutaria are among her esteemed clients. In 2022, she was honored as the Icon of Punjab by the Economic Times. Her achievements include the International Health Care Excellence Award in 2008, the title of Best Ayurvedic Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 at the Pharmaleaders Awards in Mumbai, and being a brilliant TEDx speaker. Furthermore, she has been crowned at Mrs. Chandigarh and Lady Las Vegas beauty pageants.

Mr. Mavi is an experienced entrepreneur to Ayam Healthcare.

Harvinder Mavi

Mr. Mavi brings his extensive experience as a serial entrepreneur to Ayam Healthcare. In his previous endeavor, Agilyst Inc., he established a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firm within the services industry. The company rapidly expanded to include 1600 full-time employees in less than four years. Eventually, eClerx Ltd, the largest KPO in India, acquired Agilyst. The company specialized in conducting operational audits for prominent telecom companies such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Talk Talk, among others.

He has been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years, embarking on his fourth start-up and gaining valuable insights along the way. Currently, he is focused on building Ayam Healthcare, a venture aimed at taking Ayurveda to a global platform.

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